Hyper-growth, “I want I get” development, new projects in droves, and our decisions in all of this?

A booming start-up ends up not knowing how decisions are taken and not even knowing how to make them. What was easily done in a collaborative way, by taking advice from each other, around the hallways or the cafés just a few months ago is no longer possible… a few months ago, there were 30 or 40 of them. Today, there are 200 of them!

Frédéric, the founder, is somewhat confused. This was naturally done not long ago and for the past few weeks, it has been impossible not to see these obstacles, and above all the markets that have been lost due to a lack of decision-making at the right time…

How do we fix this while keeping this collective culture that has been developed from the very beginning of the adventure?

Along with the project sponsor, we voluntarily choose people from the different departments, to have a broad vision of what is happening in terms of decision-making.

Our group of ” ambassadors ” has been created: we are going to bring ” the decision ” to life. And that’s what happens: each one of us will later say that we had the sensation of being projected in the core of the decision-making process. We immerse them in literature, sociology and history to understand what “decision” implies, what it means, and what its ultimate purpose is. This exploration prepares the team of ambassadors to immerse themselves in a “live my life” type of decision, where they acknowledge the importance of every position in the company.  Several processes are experienced again during the session to find the frustrations: all these elements then allow the team to start a process of creativity.

“Let’s dream about our decision”: a nice introduction to play at imagining what a future decision would be, with whom, in what context, which tools, how, what timing… so many ludic and very pragmatic projections.

The logbook that follows our group of ambassadors during 3 weeks of experimentation is the basis of the final “Manifesto”. Lots of colours, outpourings of ideas, some eccentric, but above all, all of them allowing us to refine the final vision.

The ambassadors are proud and pleased with the lines drawn through this Manifesto, which gradually spreads to each of the decisions, small and major.