New country, new context, new ecosystem and new questions about yourself

After a few years spent in the marketing department of a multinational company, Sophie decides to follow her spouse abroad with their children. It’s a challenge for Sophie to get her bearings, to make herself understood without speaking the language, to understand local codes, to make sure that the children’s life in their new environment is going well, and… to look after her business and what she can do in this country.

Sophie has leads, desires, doubts, questions, many things are in a turmoil and she does not know where to start. Sophie is also aware that this new context will most likely bring her new opportunities but also constraints. She is looking for a different meaning for her future occupation.

In an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere, we played with Sophie! Played at laying the foundations to anchor her strengths. Through her aspirations she had the power to visualise the projection towards the future. An image that remains firmly engraved in Sophie’s mind. It is on these foundations that Sophie’s path is then built. By looking very favourably at the brakes and the motors that will be on this path, pulling her backwards and pushing her forwards!

From now on, Sophie serenely takes her first steps on the path she has chosen to build for herself.