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… have recently assumed the leadership of a team; you are facing challenges of inclusion, positioning within the leading team, of management…and all this makes you have doubts concerning your role as a manager

just relocated, you followed your spouse, you keep dreaming of a new venture…

… wish to renew your energy to undertake new projects

Let’s meet during a free 30 min introductory call !

You are confronted to:

your emotions 
(should I do it, is it the right thing to start?)?

the issue of organisation 
(how can I think of new projects when I don’t have time for anything else)?

your limiting thoughts  
(what will people think? I won’t be able to make it)

DARE TO change your perspective, challenge yourself in order to enable yourself to move towards your  FUTURE GOALS

Empathy and goodwill are the beacons that guide my approaches.

The “appreciative inquiry” systematically impels me to seek out each person’s strengths and to bring them to light, also through gameplay, my Lego® Serious Play® certification, making you…

play and share your great achievements and perspectives.

When you leave, you will have acquired greater certainties about your foundations, a clearer image of your «dream», and the steps you plan to take to touch the starry sky you are aiming for!

What customers say

«Using Lego in coaching is incredibly powerful, it had an immediate effect of unbridling the brain, it was magical» Christine

«A judicious and playful session: a real happiness to set your goals for the next months while having fun, a real boost to re-motivate yourself» Fred (entrepreneur)

«The drawings and constructions helped me to identify the links between all the elements, it becomes so clear and so logical» Greg

«I am amazed at what my Lego tell me so clearly and impressed by the awareness» Mathilde

«It’s a real time to be focused, when one lacks vision: it puts the most important at the center» Stephanie

«It’s magic to be able to tell a project while moving the different elements and bricks» Vincent (entrepreneur)

«As light in appearance as deep on the results, you lead us by playing to look at things we thought but that become glaring» Jess

“We played and built together. Without realizing it, we are somewhere else and in our truth. The unconscious speaks through manuality» Alice (AlidiFirenze)

Let’s get ready!

New company, new team, new management, so many adjustments in sight!

After a career spanning some fifteen years in various positions of responsibility, Sabine has taken over the Operations Department of a major name in Parisian fashion. How do you find your place on the Management Committee, within your team and learn how to work with your new boss? …


New country, new context, new ecosystem and new questions about yourself.

After a few years spent in the marketing department of a multinational company, Sophie decides to follow her spouse abroad with their children. It’s a challenge for Sophie to get her bearings, to make herself understood without speaking the language, to understand local codes…


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