Changing direction, changing culture!

The ambition of a banking player is to become a humanist organization. How can the Executive Committee embody this ambition? How can we give to everyone the freedom to be and to act with enthusiasm, respect and freedom, and how can we make the Executive Committee part of this mission?

The first step towards the dream of a “humanist” organization: changing the setting in order to view matters from a certain distance, from Shanghai.

We begin by celebrating the first successes identified and experienced on the road ahead: lots of applause at the end of it!

We then transform ourselves into creators by drawing, painting and building an image of what the successful transformation in the organization would be like by projecting ourselves in a few years’ time: a magnificent piece of artwork displayed will guide us during the 3 days spent together.

We then place the individual at the heart of the collective with Lego® Serious Play®.

After a few moments of hesitation and questioning glances, the 8 members of the Executive Committee stick their hands in the Lego and give their best to produce their own creations and share their collective story.

Through these works, the role of the Executive Committee takes shape and becomes part of the transformation, as well as the value of each member in the group activities to come. The group is the basis and provides support for individual transformations. A great partnership is developed amongst team members, from their value and needs.

The collective construction that is revealed is a great story about the cohesion in the Executive Committee: leading it to a common and shared statement about the new identity that permits the setting down of the foundations of the new organisation of the company. The following ideas contemplate the stages of the road ahead.

Everyone contributes to this wonderful collective work and a great confidence in the group becomes the basis of the transformation.