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Vanessa Teresa

I spent my childhood and teenage years in Africa and later in France. I was fascinated by scientific subjects and hesitated between astrophysics and a scientific preparatory class.

I finally got into the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics in Paris, where I was passionately interested in bridges and civil engineering structures. I then headed off to Lebanon to contribute to the construction of the Beirut waterfront. Then I went to Cairo to follow the creation of a tunnel under the historic centre. The honesty of relationships that are formed on a construction site made me discover the fantastic cohesion and team spirit that exists there.

On my return, I continued my studies with a Master’s in Strategic Management, telling myself that the spheres of business strategy would guide me to my star! This was the case for a few years, discovering the consulting world, its intellectual dynamism, the constant variety of subjects… Me, who did not want to be bored, was thrilled! I was running around all the time, everywhere, one day in a plane, the other in a train, perhaps one after the other. With round-the-clock and ongoing tasks for different clients and plenty of problems to solve.

My mind was permanently caught up by a new objective and nevertheless I felt that It was through contact with people that I achieved my goals. I quickly took on responsibility for work teams. And it is by assisting consultants in their growth and development that I felt blossomed. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to dedicate to it back then!

I took a break, I left to discover other cultures and their different ways of living in South America. I came back enriched by all these encounters, this profusion of colours, smells, sensations and cultural diversity.

And…I went back to the same lifestyle I had before. A badly experienced layoff surprisingly made me wake up. I swung towards innovation. I was trained in Design Thinking with designers, with whom I gained this empathic approach, listening to and understanding the needs and emotions of users that was like a revelation to me! And I finally started to really speak “human”!

My 3rd child appeared, and goodwill became even more obvious in my approaches. What I experienced as a mother inspired me, I obtained my Lego® Serious Play® facilitator certification. Since then, gaming became a characteristic of my approaches.

I then decided to join a smaller structure, to be even closer to people.
I made a mistake, and that allowed me to see my aspirations more clearly.
As in Design Thinking, these years were for me the years of exploring. We would always like it to be quicker, to be obvious, but for me it was not. I had to test, to try, to move onwards at all costs, before I could face reality.

Since then, I gain an enormous satisfaction from helping individuals and groups to get going through innovative, fun and positive dynamics!

This long process of exploration and these mistakes allowed me to define my aspirations, my “dream”, which back then I was not yet able to see precisely and which has been firmly imposed on me.


My move to Italy in September 2019, where beauty and enjoyment of life are an integral part of daily life, has continued to guide me in this same direction.

Vanessa Teresa
Florence, Paris

*Photo credit Florence Godard

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