At the heart of your Organisation, Company, Association, School, University, Start-Up there are incredible challenges to take up:

determine the Executive Committee’s mission and its new expanded scopes of action

…establishing the roadmaps for your product lines in response to your future challenges

prototyping for a new campaign, a new data visualisation tool for your customers, an online management service for your associates

…adopt new working methods and pursue your drive towards

Let’s meet during a free 30 min introductory call !

You are facing:

…the lack of time
(finding 2 hours in the schedule for subjects outside the usual business is so difficult…)

…the issue of the required qualifications to tackle this tricky subject (who must I contact to fully understand it)

…enthusiasm within the team (How can I invigorate this project if I am a stakeholder?)

I am actively involved in design thinking, so don’t be surprised when I ask the following question:


The agile methods have moulded a positive outlook on trial, error, and failure. Innovating means experimenting, adjusting and restarting differently!

My Lego® Serious Play® certification will enable you to build your team vision in an entertaining way!

I trust games and enjoyment to create the positive and constructive dynamics that will assist me in leading you towards your possible futures!

When you’ll leave, you will have acquired greater certainties about your Foundations. And a clear idea of your visions, challenges and steps your group considers it needs to achieve your goals!

They trust me!

What customers say

Valérie Smadja – Julhiet Sterwen – Strategy / Marketing / Innovation / Transformation / Design

“I have worked with Vanessa for 4 years and it was a real pleasure from a professional and a personal point of view. Vanessa is a great professional, reliable, full of creativity, confortable with both strategic exercices and operational work ; she has excellent skills for facilitating meetings and creating value for teams. But Vanessa is also a very kind person, enthusiastic and caring for others.”

Oney – Commercial Director

“I leave with a huge urge to put into practice what we’ve built because I think it’s great! I have been a leader for a long time, and this is the very first time that I have worked collectively in this way, where everyone contributes to the project. I feel reassured and confident for the future!”

Anne-Sophie Proffit – Individual Policies & HR Innovation

“Vanessa displays a great deal of diplomacy listening to the context of the change and the collaborators and consequently develops an adapted approach. All of this is done with fantasy. And what an energy she devotes to us! An experience to be renewed without hesitation”

Alain Guthauser – ‘Phygital Employee Experience’ Expert, program manager

“Vanessa developed an experiential design thinking approach for transforming collaborative practices. This is how new methods and ways of working became deeply rooted!”

Sébastien Drouin – Jouve – CTO & Board Member

“Positive energy, fun, empathy, focus on final user expectations, precise session design, gaming, improvisation… as many of Vanessa’s qualities allowing the highlight of each participant strengths during a management seminar. A real pleasure working with Vanessa. Pro & Fun would be my definition of Vanessa!”

Jean-Philippe Poisson – Co-founder @yzr – Podcast Corp-Up

“Vanessa has a great talent to mobilise collective intelligence and to lead it towards innovation and managerial transformation. We had the opportunity to design and conduct multiple collaborative sessions involving every level, from the Executive Committee to field operations. Always positive and attentive, she knows how to get the best out of everyone. I recommend her coaching and facilitating skills closed eyes. With Vanessa, you will be in good hands!”

Adeline Baret – Market Research Professional, Consumer Centric approaches, Innovation best practices

“I particularly appreciate Vanessa’s faithfulness to her commitments, her creativity and empathy in her relationships towards others. May our paths continue to cross!”

Let’s get ready!

Changing direction, changing culture!

The ambition of a banking player is to become a humanist organisation. How can the Executive Committee embody this ambition? How can we give to everyone the freedom to be and to act with enthusiasm, respect and freedom, and how can we make the Executive Committee part of this mission?…


Hyper-growth, “I want I get” development, new projects in droves, and our decisions in all of this?

A booming start-up ends up not knowing how decisions are taken and not even knowing how to make them. What was easily done in a collaborative way, by taking advice from each other, around the hallways or the cafés just a few months ago is no longer possible…


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