I chose to hold the 1st inovViTa workshop on the theme of « our strengths ».  This was done on purpose, given the path that inovViTa sets for you to go towards your possible future, whether individual or collective. I never thought that this would adhere so much to current events and I wish that wasn’t the case.

It happened scarcely 2 weeks ago in Florence and since then France has entered in a national lockdown and Italy is also adopting harsher measures week by week.

Thus, at a time like this when our emotions can get the upper hand, despite our first experience of confinement, it is now more than ever that we need to look at ourselves, our teams and our collaborators with gratitude.

The preliminary phase of innovation consists of exploration. Explore to open up the realms of possibility. To better consider the issue. To have a different perspective on what we see at a specific time.

Explore is also to look at oneself as an individual or team, and to be indulgent when gazing at our personal and /or collective strengths. Give ourselves permission to put down the foundations of our future success by taking small steps towards the possible futures we envisage but have not yet defined.

Between March and May we lived through a lockdown into which we were violently plunged. No matter how we all got through this period, we hoped that we would soon regain our freedom of movement, social freedom and our usual day to day living.

Curfews, closure of bars, restaurants, shops, confinement, …

Each of us, individuals, once again feels the fear of the next step differently.

So, let’s make use of our experience! 

Let’s make use of it to overcome this never-ending paralysis!

Your team, your colleagues and you individually, tried out new things, put in place little adjustments that had been forgotten in the meantime or relegated to being anecdotal, but which are all important today!

In this dynamic moment of innovation within yourself, your team and your collective operational methods, allow yourself to look favourably at the foundations you have already built in a similar context.

Take a few moments for yourself…

Take a few moments along with your group…

Your Strengths of which you can be proud, were put to the test, enabled you to resist, get through and were then forgotten after the 1st wave. Think about all the things that helped you overcome that difficult time.

Write them down so that you can use them as a daily booster, with a lot of gratitude towards yourself and your team. That would be a rare and elegant people skill! And will undoubtedly be the foundations of your future operations. Whatever they are.

On the 15 October, the “pioneers” of inovViTa played with Lego and with their strengths and pride.

Today, whatever you feel like using to play with these forces, treat yourself! Coloured pencils, crayons, Lego, Lego Duplo, bring the game into your team, into your family circle too, to visualise what you can be proud of from March to May.

These experiments will undoubtedly help you to look forward to the coming months with enormous gratitude on a personal and collective level!