Project yourself while having fun!

At the end of this particular year, I need to project myself! Not you?
Tired of having the feeling of waiting for all this upheaval of the health crisis to finally stop. That our small projects in the medium or even short term be defeated and redone according to the news. Difficult you will tell me at the end of this year so special.
Yet, I really want to move on to 2021 with a different, lighter momentum! And I want to share this desire with you all!
Why not try it?

Have you ever stopped in front of a cairn on a mountain walk? Did you look at the stones, that little or big pile in front of you?
Maybe you also turned around (as long as the cliff allowed you to!) to be able to change perspective?

You may have noticed and detailed in your observation, this first stone, rather broad, forming a solid base. Then a second, over, barely posed, defying the laws of gravity.
But what did you say to yourself when you looked at these stones? What did you visualize when you looked at this kairn? The top of the mountain? Your next challenge? The stones that you consolidate in your life?

This belongs only to you and that’s fine.
During this time, your mind wandered elsewhere, escaped, and this cairn allowed you to engrave these thoughts.

We use this fabulous projection capability of our brain every day, without even realizing it. Our mind navigates to other places as soon as it is caught up in images, views, objects that remind us of things and make us switch for a few moments.

The multiple requests we have, through social networks, the media at the moment, the agendas constantly adapting with the news, the entourage … these constant requests make us forget these fabulous abilities that we have!

How to take a break? A moment for yourself and your personal and/or professional desires?

During these new parties, allow yourself to play! Draw!

Letting your hands handle, pick up coloured pencils, play with them, look at them and start drawing a yellow circle and then a green line…
You will discover how this ride of your hands allows your brain to «play», to let it raise your emotions, to let go for a few moments on the control and the purely rational aspect.

Your heart speaks with your hands.

And your aspirations appear in front of you without you even got the opportunity to become aware of them.

By telling you this drawing, or this construction, your fingers show the different elements, as on a work of art. Because it is indeed a work, your work.
A work that you can watch at leisure, display, highlight.
You will also be able to find it a few months later and look at it with benevolence and see how far you have come.

At the end of the year, I propose that you give yourself this gift.
A few moments to escape, play with your pencils and draw your desires come!
No doubt your resolutions for the New Year will all be colorful.

If you prefer to “play” during a group session, come and participate in one of my “Visual Thinking” webinars, the January calendar will soon be online.
To be notified of upcoming dates, contact

Visual Thinking has the power to project us towards possible futures!

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