Where has our creativity gone?

Here we are in 2021, and the health context has not changed.

With its lot of necessary adaptations in our daily life with more or less happiness, whatever our location in the world.

Many work in home offices. Some children return to home schooling. Many of them were unable to move, remained confined within their borders, or even were confined to their homes during the holidays.

We did not all have in a corner of our head that as of January 1, 2021, we would finally project ourselves?

Yes, I will admit it! Is that the case for you?
I’ll be very frank, there was no magic spark on January 1 in the morning about me…. Yet I did everything I could to have her there.
I even put a candle, on the evening of the 31st, for our ancestors to enlighten us of their experiences, of their retreat, to transmit to us the energy they had to overcome the trials they had to endure (this is my side «family traditions»). But NOTHING has done it!

I had no spark
So I figured if I didn’t have it, probably a lot of you wouldn’t have it either.

I wondered about it
Beyond a health context that has not changed, the beginning of the year is always for me a perspective of resolutions, of desires. But these desires did not come. Why?

I’ve been put on a trail
After 3 months without being able to eat a dish presented on a trattoria table, because of the closure of all the bars and restaurants, I enjoyed pasta and an orangeade. Happiness, ecstasy, joy at the rendezvous!
After 3 weeks of non-stop rain in Tuscany, the snow fell on the hills and it was possible to move more than a few hundred meters from home. The dream settled in my head at the same time that the snowflakes fell in front of my amazed eyes!
After 3 months without sharing a coffee at the counter, 30 minutes of masked exchange over a good cappuccino opened me to the flitting of ideas.

Coffee? Pasta? The person I shared these experiences with? Decor? Colors? Smells? I cannot tell you and even the leading neuroscience theorists do not know how to identify how an idea was born and what is the path that has been followed by our neural connections to get there.

My brain feeds on exchanges, objects, smells, sensations and staying in home office constantly restricts my creativity for my professional and personal projects: fortunately, I found other ways, otherwise I would not write to you today!

I do not resist, I give you my secret to regain your creativity:
THE GAME!! But the game for yourself.
>> Here are my 4 tips to set up a moment of PLAY and disconnection in your day

  1. Find a sheet or notebook, whose look and feel you like, and choose a few markers or coloured pencils and banish all the colors that inspire negative emotions (for me, grey is useless)
  2. Sit in an unlikely place, not your desk, not your dining table – sitting on the couch, sitting in a suit on the floor, in your hallway, on the kitchen countertop..
  3. Look around and think about what you would like to have achieved on this day: Draw it
  4. And ADMIRE HIM at your leisure. The colors of your work, its appearance will open you to incredible connections that will bring out ideas!

You will see that beautiful things are available to you. That looking at things through this spectrum, through the game, the colors, will allow you a very different look!

I wish you a joyful game (for you) full of nice new ideas and desires!

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