New company, new team, new management, so many adjustments in sight!

After a career spanning some fifteen years in various positions of responsibility,
Sabine has taken over the Operations Department of a major name in Parisian fashion.
How do you find your place on the Management Committee, within your team and learn how to work with your new boss?

After the first few months on the job, Sabine has serious doubts about the way she invigorates the team, the level of motivation she feels there, the relationship with her manager, the other members of the Management Committee and the Executive Committee.

She does not really know how to go about it and feels helpless in this situation. I suggest that she plays at replicating the experience of taking up her new responsibility.

There are a lot of key moments that we reflect on, different actors that have intervened, within the company but also outside, partners, suppliers… And… we allowed ourselves to look at Sabine’s emotions at these moments. Was it joy, pride, anger, frustration, demotivation? Whatever this emotion is, it is revealing of a state that allows us to focus on a situation that we need to look at more closely.

Sabine found her challenges. How to make allies within the Management Committee? How can you build a collective dynamic within your team? How to draw inspiration from what can be done elsewhere?

How can you find moments to catch your breath in this hectic daily life?

We then had a lot of fun: pencils, colours, a few drawings, to concretise all the tracks that would lead to these goals.

Sabine left with tons of good ideas but especially with a clear outline of the different steps to consider in order to take each step at her own pace, surely and firmly towards her goal!

She now evolves serenely in her environment and has established her own place.